Strategy Management 
From Goals to Results: Driving Improvement with a Comprehensive View of Performance

Understanding how your organization is performing across a broadening set of initiatives — for strategic growth and tactical improvement— is a formidable task. Questions include: Are we focused on the right things? Are we achieving the results we expect? If the answers are problematic, teams will be enormously challenged in guiding their organizations toward where they want to be in the future.

Bridging the gap between setting strategy and executing on that strategy can be painstaking. The difficulty typically results from the combined impact of:

  1. Proliferating performance measures for an ever-increasing number of strategic and tactical initiatives.
  2. Using data from both internal and external systems and sources that provide structured and unstructured financial, clinical, and operational information, that may or may not be reliable or provide the required insights.

Exceptional performance within one, two, or even three dimensions will not yield the desired enterprise results that leaders are required to deliver across all dimensions.

This white paper identifies five key attributes of organizations that are achieving exceptional performance and provides guidance on how to foster such attributes.