Executive Compensation: Leadership Trends and Strategies for Organizational Success

B.E. Smith’s 2017 Executive Compensation Intelligence Report summarizes key findings and delivers actionable insights regarding executive compensation trends, challenges, and strategies in the health care industry. The report explores the direct and indirect impact executive compensation has on the key initiatives of talent management, employee engagement and organizational success. More specifically, the Executive Compensation Intelligence Report provides detailed information into the overall direction of compensation levels across the industry, executive satisfaction with compensation packages, as well as the shift to align compensation more closely to an organization’s strategic goals, such as value-based care. The report also highlights key challenges healthcare organizations are trying to overcome, including attracting and retaining executive talent. Survey respondents also shared the top leadership skills needed by CEOs and other senior executives to successfully lead in today’s healthcare industry.

The 2017 Executive Compensation Intelligence Report illuminates the new statistics, challenges, and strategies that characterize the current healthcare executive compensation environment. Evaluating this information can provide meaningful direction not only in improving executive compensation strategy, but also its effectiveness on organizational recruitment, retention and staff engagement.

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